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    Quantum RBS Inc. -- Band Calculations Summary -- 2010
    Data Protection that makes sense!
    What does 1GB of data look like in the world of Quantum RBS?

  • Average 60-90% data compression.

  • Reduce Management by as much as 60%

  • Reduce Media Management by as much as 98%
  • 1GB Stored = 2GB to 10GB Saved!

    Quantum RBS Inc. - Televaulting Compression
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    QRBS Clients:

    Requirement: 350GB, 3 Servers
    Type of Data: Microsoft Office ® patient image files, Microsoft SQL Server ® and system state.
      Protected: 305GB
      Compressed: 95GB
    Test Restore: 75GB
    Duration:: 4 hours

    Requirement: 100GB, 1 Server
    Type of Data: Microsoft Office ®, proprietory database and system state.
      Protected: 75GB
      Compressed: 23GB
    Test Restore: 500MB Database
    Duration:: <5 minutes

    Looking for a new backup service, we researched a number of companies. Quantum RBS was by far the most professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Quantum RBS took the time to explain in great detail all the logistics and was extreamly patient in answering any questions. Customer service at Quantum is outstanding. Tech support was instrumental in helping solve some of our computer issues. Quantum has provided us with peace of mind knowing our data is safe, secure and easily recovered. Thanks for making this easy! G.C. -- Learning Initiative -- Sudbury, ON.
    Don't become a statistic ... Let Quantum RBS Inc. ensure your business continuity!
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