Take The Risk Evaluation Test!

Take a minute to check each box that applies and consult the table at the bottom to see just how much risk you have of a damaging data loss. You might be surprised!

What kind of data are stored on your computer? (If more than one, choose highest value)

Occasional letters and reports (+10)
Client Records (+50)
Accounting (+100)
Most critical business data (+200)

If all data on your computer were lost and all backup tapes destroyed, how long would it take one person to re-enter it manually?

1 Week (+10)
4 Weeks (+30)
6 Months (+50)
1 Year or more(+100)

Do you keep paper records that you could use as a source to re-enter lost computer data?

Yes (-100)
No (+100)

How often do you perform a full backup?

Daily (-50)
Weekly (0)
Monthly (+50)
Yearly (+100)

How is the backup done?

Automatically (-50)
Manually, by a skilled person (+10)
Other (+50)

How long do you keep copies of your old data?

We use the same tape everyday (+100)
One Week (+50)
One Month (+30)
One Year (-50)

How often are backup tapes verified?

Every time a backup is done (-50)
Periodically (+50)
Never (+100)

How often do you re-evaluate your backup strategy?

Weekly (-50)
Monthly (-10)
Yearly (+50)
Never (+100)

Where are your backup tapes stored?

Off-site secure data storage vault (-200)
At home (-50)
At the office (+100)
Next to the computer (+200)
We don't do backups (+500)

Who has access to your computers? (Check all that apply)

Trusted, computer-skilled employees (-50)
People with no computer training (+30)
Unskilled employees (+50)
Employees who will soon quit (+100)

Do you or any of your employees: (Check all that apply)

Install non-company software (+30)
Borrow software from friends (+50)
Access your computers by modem (+40)

How many computers do you have?

1 (+0)
2-10 (+70)
11-20 (+100)
Over 20 (+200)

Do you have a computer network?

Yes (+200)
No (+0)


Use the table below to estimate your risk. If you have questions about any items, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Less than 100 Very Little Risk
You either don't have very much critical data on your computer, or your backup plan is probably adequate. Consider using a Remote Backup Service to supplement your backups.
101 - 200 Slight Risk
If you experience a non-catastrophic loss of data, you will probably be able to recover from it. Generally, you are doing a good job with your backup plan, but should consider improving. A Remote Backup Service can help you protect critical files.
201 - 350 Moderate Risk
A loss of data from your hard drive may not be recoverable. Your backup plan is not adequate and you are at risk of losing data critical to the operation of your business.
351 - 500 High Risk
Any major data loss would be catastrophic, and would probably not be recoverable. Your business is at risk of failure if you lose data.
Over 500 Extremely High Risk
Your backup plan isn't protecting your data. You could experience an unrecoverable catastrophic data loss at any time which could cause your business to fail.