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If your Service Provider
isn't providing you "intelligent" backup,
you are overpaying!

"The duplication issue is particularly serious for digital storage, since little of what is stored on individual hard drives is unique."

The Quantum RBS Storage Solution

Our intelligent backup technology will reduce your online backup costs by as much as 1/3 even though it backs up every day - down to the binary level, compressing the data and then eliminating duplicated files before they are sent over the network to the data storage facility.

If your current supplier does not provide intelligent software that eliminates duplicate files, you are overpaying.

Some Hard Questions for You ...

Storage management costs are higher when you are sending duplicate files, documents, pictures and e-mails to the server. Look at the files on your PC. How many duplicate files do you have? Have you recently completed several drafts of a PowerPoint presentation? How many versions are on your hard drive?

Your problem becomes much more apparent by multiplying those numbers over the entire enterprise.

The point is this: You must manage duplicated files effectively.

Ask yourself: How much of your data is duplicated? What is your strategy for the sometimes huge amounts of data traffic - some of it duplicate or triplicate or more - to and from your storage area? Our technology does not reduce the volume of data to backed up. Instead, it offers a solution for large amounts of data: its smart software checks for common files, reviewing data before it is transmitted to the data repository.

This is critical!

With Quantum RBS, storage is paid for per-GB, per month, so eliminating duplications before sending them to the repository will save you money. It's as simples as that. There are also cost reductions in other consumables - bandwidth and management and technical time.

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Consider whether your current or potentail provider has a tighly scripted Service Level Agreement. Does the provider effectively tackle the file duplication issue by:

  • Using AES 256 bit Encryption
  • Deploying Authentication Technology
  • Backing up only the binary changes of data
  • Setting up Common File Elimination to further reduce your monthly cost
  • Not charging for software
  • Not charging for restores
  • Don't overpay as you plan to implement an online backup service. Contact us for a detailed quote and cost comparison.

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    Eliminating Duplicate Files Can Save Up To 30% in Storage Costs.

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