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Over 345 do not test their backups and of those tested, 775 found their tape backups fail to recover.
(Storage Magazine)

Backup Checklist: Quantum RBS Inc. Backup Checklist
This checklist provides some very generic selections for disaster recovery, backup solutions and hopefully a guide to assist you with your business continuity and retrieval practices.
A couple of lines have been added for your own customized record keeping process.
It is also recommended that you record your account information on this document, print it and keep it with your service manual.
* Should you ever lose your encryption key, login and password, you will not be able to retrieve your data.
My Documents, File Server and Shares
Email client, address books and email archives (.pst, .pab, .wab, .iew, and .mmf)
Micorosft Exchange Server ® Groupwise, Lotus Notes, etc.
SQL Servers Databases, SharePoint and VMWare, etc.
Configuration Files (.ini files, mainframe emulators, etc.)
Registry Files
Account Information (Active Directory Services, MMC, etc.)
System Drivers
Contracts/Procedural Manuals
Service Packs/Service Releases
Employee Information and Benefits
Accounting and Payroll
Business Templates, Company Correspondence
Computer Base Images
Customers and Client Contacts
Vendors and Suppliers
Mission Critical Other: